Proizvođač: Behringer
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BEHRINGER V-AMP3 gitarsko pojačalo. BEHRINGER V-AMP3 virtualno gitarsko pojačalo s USB audio interfejsom, efektima, modelingom i "XT2.5 Compact BEHRINGER Edition" programom za snimanje. Više nema razloga da nemate nešto poput kućnog studija koji je opremljen sa velikim brojem legendarnih vintage pojačala i efekt pedala. Sve to nalazi se u BEHRINGER V-AMP3 tzv."crvenom rockeru" koji je opremljen sa zvukovima 32 legendarna pojačala, simulacijama 15 zvučničkih kabineta i 16 klasičnih efekata. Povoljna cijena, vrhunske performanse i jednostavnost korišetnja, čini BEHRINGER V-AMP3 poželjnim dijelom Vašeg gitarskog set upa!
Specifikacija za BEHRINGER V-AMP3 virtualno gitarsko pojačalo:
* 4 all-new plus 28 improved amp models multiplied by 15 speaker cabinet simulations give you a total of 480 virtual combos
* USB audio interface included, featuring stereo I/O, optical S/PDIF out, direct monitoring and separate control for phones out
* No-latency guitar recording on your PC—edit and monitor your sound directly on V-AMP 3 and record to the incredible multi-platform music production software energyXT2.5 Compact BEHRINGER Edition
* Studio quality multi-effects including reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary, auto-wah, echo, delay, compressor and various effects combinations
* 125 memory locations pre-arranged for many popular styles and embedded in the acclaimed intuitive V-AMP user interface
* Tap-tempo function and many other parameters directly accessible on the unit
* Presence control adjusts a high-frequency filter, simulating the negative feedback of tube amps
* Preamp bypass function allows use as a stereo effects processor without amp modeling
* Stereo Aux input lets you play along to a cue from your PC, CD, MP3 or drum computer for practice, teaching and home-recording applications
* Balanced stereo Line output can be configured for many recording and live applications
* Adjustable auto-chromatic tuner plus effective global configurations and equalization easily adopts the V-AMP 3 to any situation outside your home studio
* MIDI implementation includes program changes, control changes and SysEx, allowing complete MIDI remote control or automation with your energyXT2.5 or any other DAW
* High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
* Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany